Cairn Dale Farm Staff Recommendations

Puppy and Adult Dog



  • Kong classic, puppy or extreme
    • I recommend stuffing with peanut butter, pumpkin, or wet dog food.
    • Freezing it helps keep it last longer and Kongs are all dishwasher safe!
    • This will keep pups busy for awhile. I like to give them to my dogs when I go to work.
  • Kong Gyro-
    • This is a treat dispensing you that will also keep them active.
    • I recommend filling it with a couple of stinky, meaty treats and some regular cookies. Make sure they are small enough to dispense through the hole.
    • Found on, I highly recommend having some sort of interactive toy like this.


  • Nylabones-
    • I recommend the ones with nubs on them as they will massage the puppies gums and will help with teething.
    • I recommend dipping it in water and putting it in the freezer. This will help soothe puppies sore gums.
  • Himalayan chews- 
    • This is just a very very hard block of cheese. It is long lasting and it's all natural.
  • Bully sticks
  • Bones


  • Merrick-
    • This food is very high quality and is very nutritious for your growing pup.
    • It has great levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, and essential vitamins.
  • Canidae-
    • Very healthy food that is high quality and made by a great company.
  • Wholehearted-
    • A cheaper option than the previous two and it has great nutrition for the price point. It also has probiotics to help with digestion
  • Purina Dog Chow-
    • Economic option


  • The Halti harness
    • Great to help stop pulling, has a great fit and can be hooked in the front or back.
  • Kurgo travel harness-
    • Great for traveling, high quality harness and it can clip in the front to help stop pulling
  • Easy walk-
    • Like the Halti, but doesn't fit all dogs as well. Helps stop pulling.
  • Good2go reflective harness

Grooming supplies-

  • Tropiclean brand shampoo, conditioner and cologne
    • It's all natural and smells great!
  • Espree brand shampoo, conditioner and cologne
    • All natural, smells good, and it's what petco grooming salon uses.
  • Espree Paw balm
    • This helps condition the paw pads and will help prevent slippage on slick floors. It also protects the paws

Cleaning supplies

  • Nature's miracle-
    • All natural and removes stain and odors! I LOVE this cleaner!

**everything on this list can be found at petco or**

Products that are good to have on hand

  • Orajel- this can help soothe the pain of teething with puppies, I only recommend using this if they are crying in pain.
  • Benadryl- If your dog gets stung by a bee or has an allergic reaction to something they can have benadryl.