Cairn Dale Farm

Pet Resort

2610 Riniel Rd Lennon, MI 48449

Serving Shiawassee, Genesee, and surrounding counties.


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Here you can find important information on Pet Grooming and Pet Resort Services.

Cairn Dale Resort Program:

Leaving your dog at a boarding kennel can be a heartbreaking experience if you are not sure about the quality of the care they will be given. We believe that we have the answer to your concern. Cairn Dale is offering a service that will be complete in every way. We want you to feel your dog is going to have as much fun on vacation as you will.

Our program will include features such as playtime every day. An interested attendant will make sure that your dog has safe handling, and will play ball or tug with him. Older dogs that may be beyond the play stage will be taken for walks or other activities which will suit them.

Special diets to gain or lose weight will be offered along with treats ( in moderation, for heavy dogs). For those who wish their dogs to have them. Medications will be given to dogs who are on special medication treatment. Maintenance grooming is included.

We want you to feel good about sending your dog to camp, and your wishes will be respected.